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Release time:[2016-4-16] visits:2569·High frequency welding plastics found
High frequency plastic welding machine is using high frequency electric field coupling plastic materials, the electric field can make the extremely hot plastic plastic produces vibration friction, according to their dipole moments, these plastic molecules can conversion oscillato...[details]
Release time:[2016-3-15] visits:2367·The difference between hot press and
The first advantage in energy saving, high frequency embossing just at the moment the high-frequency output works and electric energy consumption, and hot embossing is generally with the heating tube, even when not working. The heating pipe is still in operation, maintain the mol...[details]
Release time:[2015-11-16] visits:2780·
Release time:[2015-10-21] visits:2676·High frequency machine how to prevent
1, machine, high frequency spark phenomenon can not afford to avoid, because it is the principle of electromagnetic wave, can only say that the ignition frequency dropped to the lowest point, with material has a great relationship, material is prone to spark phenomenon. 2, high...[details]
Release time:[2015-6-25] visits:3585·

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